by Tashme

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released October 9, 2018

Recorded by Sean Pearson at Boxcar
Mastered by Matthew Russell
Cover by Yecatl Peña

Tashme is:
Matt A
Lautaro C
Campbell F
Jackson W

Out now on High Fashion Industries!


all rights reserved


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Track Name: 09/11/1973
I see weary faces from decades of stress
tired souls that will never rest

torture, displacement
a barely escaped death
a whole generation with trauma, unaddressed

torture, displacement
a barely escaped death
one single blow with a rippling effect

tired souls that will never rest
Track Name: Last Laugh
changing tides
flooded sands
you’ll learn to swim
or drown in them

passing times
decide your fate
to understand
or live in hate

for so long unquestioned, a comfortable stance
grasping so tightly to your ignorance

who is laughing now?
you've run out of breath
Track Name: What's It Worth?
build up your life
fill your allotted space

near future, there’s nothing left
that’s what it’s worth

then you die

what's left to show
once all is past and said
that’s what you’re worth

when you're dead
Track Name: Stagnant
can't take much more of the same everyday
I won’t be compliant in my own decay

stagnant, still
stuck in this routine
try to escape
but nothing comes to me

all I have left, little joys and screams
look forward for answers but the future is bleak
Track Name: Where You Fall
hate everything
must be so nice
it must come so easy to just get up and fight

hate everything
must be so nice
do you ever get tired of always being right?

where do you fall?
what will you choose?
what will you do?

when you’re the problem
what will you choose?
can you let yourself lose?
Track Name: Information
essence diluted, meaning erased
can't wait to put my life on display
essence diluted, meaning erased
pictures and pictures with nothing to say

it moves so quickly that no one can see
take all my information and leave nothing for me

essence diluted, hollowed away
selling me back my identity
essence diluted, hollowed away
pictures and pictures but nothing for me

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